Rock Point Commons

Position Description
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Position:           Executive Director

Updated:          15 May 2019

Status:              Proposed New Full-time



The Executive Director of Rock Point Commons will serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the Commons and its entities (Currently, the Solar Coop, the Conference Center, and the Camp). The Executive Director is charged with building a self-sustaining ministry of the Episcopal Church in Vermont. This Executive Director reports to the Board of Rock Point Commons and serves as the Bishop’s principle advisor on this ministry. This Executive Director will serve as the team leader of paid professionals and volunteers.



Develop and implement critical strategic plans, which includes a process for collaborating with appropriate stakeholders necessary for the financial sustainability and smooth operation of Rock Point Commons. These plans include:


  • A financial plan including a three-year budget plan

  • A fundraising plan for endowment, unrestricted, and restricted gifts, which includes a diversity of methods especially planned gifts

  • A land use plan to be developed, implemented and managed with Rock Point stakeholders

  • A communications and marketing plan for Rock Point Commons and its entities – The Rock Point Conference Center, the Camp and the property

  • A technology plan including software and hardware for the successful management of this ministry

  • A volunteer management program, which is necessary with a limited staff


The Executive Director will serve as the operational leader of the Rock Point Center.  Specific duties in this area include:


  • Developing and implementing a business development plan that includes:

    • A marketing plan specifically for the Rock Evaluation and recruitment of  potential Rock Point Partners

    • Exploration of potential fee for service activities

  • Directing the Buildings, Grounds and Security Manager to maintain operations and cleanliness of the three Conference Center buildings and the surrounding landscape

  • Directing the commission based sales force

  • Developing programs that will attract attendees to Rock Point

  • Maintaining the Center’s client data base in conjunction with the Executive Assistant and Bookkeeper

  • Providing customer relations to users of the Conference Center

  • Managing the Hospitality Team


The Executive Director will provide leadership for all full-time and part-time employees of Rock Point Commons. Specific human resource responsibilities include:


  • Hiring and evaluating of all senior staff for Rock Point Commons

  • Setting goals and benchmarks in collaboration with the Camp Director and the Buildings, Grounds and Security Manager

  • Negotiating and setting salaries in accordance with the three year financial plans

  • Developing and implementing all hiring and evaluation policies and practices. This includes working with the Camp Director and the Buildings, Grounds, and Security Manager on processes related to hiring seasonal employees

  • Providing ongoing educational opportunities for senior staff and where appropriate for part-time and seasonal workers

  • Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings


The Executive Director will serve as the liaison to various groups and provide direction and staffing support to provide efficient operations of some groups.  These groups include:


  • Rock Point Board – duties include staffing, providing reports, planning and policy recommendations, meeting agenda topics and work with the Bishop and/or Board President in the appointment of Board members. In addition, the Executive Director will serve as ex-officio member of the Finance and Administration Committee, and the Buildings, Grounds and Security Committee.

  • Friends of Rock Point working with the leadership to optimize effectiveness of the group’s support of the ministry.

  • Government agencies for various topics related to the operation of the Rock Point property

  • Church Pension Fund/Church Insurance for various topics related to the operation of the Rock Point property

  • The Solar Coop for various topics related to the operation of the Solar array as a benefit to all Coop members.  This includes the evaluation of energy related capital projects and fiduciary responsibilities

  • Rock Point Commons

  • Rock Point Intentional Community

  • The Episcopal Church in Vermont community and the broader Burlington community


The Executive Director is responsible for the oversight of fiduciary aspects of the ministry, which includes:


  • Oversight management of the bookkeeping operations and related staff member

  • Monitoring and authorizing of all contracts for partnerships, vendors and staff

  • Oversight of cash disbursements and the ministry’s cash flow

  • Oversight of all budgets

  • Management of Grants

  • Review bank deposits, statements and reports

  • Review and report on trends that may effect the operations of this ministry


The Executive Director with general oversight of the maintenance and general appearance of the property and its buildings will work with the Buildings, Grounds and Security Manager to develop a maintenance plan and over see the capital projects. The plan will include actions for:


  • The Conference Center

  • The Camp facilities

  • The Diocesan Offices at #5 Rock Point Road

  • The Bishop’s Residence

  • The Cemetery

  • The Outdoor Chapel

  • The Property’s Common areas


Skill Sets:         


A successful Executive Director will possess skills that include:


  • Demonstrable leadership skills

  • Strategic Planning

  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities

  • Excellent management skills

  • The ability to work with others, especially volunteers

  • Strong comfort level with database management systems

  • Proficiency with PowerPoint or Keynote tools

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Products including Sharepoint 365

  • An understanding of QuickBooks

  • Experience using social media

  • An understanding of Wix web tools

  • A sense of humor




A successful Executive Director will possess education, experiences and certifications that include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • 5 years of leadership experience (projects, staff and volunteers)

  • Working in a non-profit, farm, conservancy, park and/or religious settings

  • Active driver’s license

To apply, send a resume with 3 references and cover letter to the search committee at: by July 21, 2019.