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Reflection on the 2019 Rock Point Camp Season

By Julie Garwood


The 2019 Camp season was a great summer, full of growth and excitement. The first season for myself as director, but also an entirely new camp staff team. Counselors came from across the United States and around the globe, including Ireland, South Africa, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Rhode Island and Vermont. Our goal for this summer was to adopt the theme of vulnerability, embracing both our strengths and weaknesses and the willingness to step outside of our comfort zones. In doing so, we bonded that much more, leaned on each other during the long overnight weeks, and were able to model that bravery for our campers. It was great to see campers of all ages try new things, whether that was shooting an arrow or sleeping away from home for the very first time.

In keeping with Rock Point Camp tradition, campers were able to retreat from the outside world, enjoying that small camp atmosphere where they could connect with nature and each other. Morning mindfulness and meditation was a staple of each morning, allowing students to begin their day in a calm and centered fashion. Favorite activities included daily swimming in Lake Champlain, hiking, and archery. We also incorporated several new activities, including Shark Tank, a two/three-day activity that challenged students to take on the role of an entrepreneur and come up with their own camp invention or innovation. Perhaps the best part of the week, though, was the way in which we ended it. Not only did we get to dunk a counselor with a bucket full of water, but we also reflected on the week with a grateful circle. The grateful circle was an opportunity for students to share something they were thankful for. It was rewarding for everyone to hear how campers and counselors made a new friend, surprised themselves by trying something new, or even liked being away from their cellphone all week.

For more snapshots of this season, I encourage you to visit us on our Facebook and Instagram. To share just how much fun we had, pictures from each week were uploaded onto our Facebook Album. Please take a look!

Message of Thanks

Thank you to all those who supported Rock Point Camp this season! Whether it was following along online, visiting us on property, or sending a generous donation, know that it went a long way. We cannot do any of this great work with the support of many volunteers, alumni, and donors who believe in the Rock Point mission and wish to see it continue. As we continue to grow and expand, I encourage you to reach out to me to learn how you can get involved. Our goal is to help bridge Rock Point traditions with new and innovative ideas, ensuring that campers feel both comforted and surprised when coming on to property! There is a lot more work we hope to accomplish, and we need your prayers and support to make this happen. There is nothing more rewarding then sending a camper home at the end of the week, knowing that we were able to provide the attention and care they so badly need today.



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