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Rock Point Trails Update & Dedication Ceremony Plans

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We are pleased to share that our 2017 Rock Point Trails Plan to restore and upgrade the walking trails on the Rock Point peninsula is nearing completion. Construction and improvements on three trails this spring by Timber and Stone, LLC. should be done by mid-July and signs to guide public access are to be completed this summer.

Save the Date! Dedication Ceremony at Rock Point

UPDATE: DUE TO COVID this ceremony will not be open to the general public.

On September 26, Rock Point will host a Celebration and Dedication at 10:00 a.m. Our Universal Access trail will be named in honor of Bishop Thomas Ely and Ann Ely; the Solar Orchard will be named in honor of Bishop Ely; and newly unveiled trails and plaques will recognize the donors to the Rock Point, Arms Forest Coalition Campaign, and the Partnership Campaign for Rock Point’s future. Please save the date and keep an eye out for more information.

About our Trail Improvements

Work on our perimeter peninsula trails brought significant improvement for visitors. We have installed several sets of beautifully crafted stone steps to replace steep, eroding, and dangerous paths. New boardwalks address the trail-widening mud issues. Some trails near the cliff’s edge, which were hazardous for hikers and endangered rare plant habitat, have been re-routed and new safety barriers are (or will be soon) in place at popular overlooks including The Point, Sunset Cliff (Outdoor Chapel), and the mouth of Eagle Bay. These changes have aimed to preserve the wild feel while improving public safety and conservation.

Rock Point’s new Universal Access Trail will open later in the summer when Universal Access parking spaces will also be in place. This crushed-stone trail begins at the former site of the Episcopal Institute Building and runs to the Outdoor Chapel and Sunset Cliff. This update provides access for persons of all abilities to enjoy the beauty of Rock Point and to participate in weddings and other events at the chapel.

The Bike Path Access Trail (under construction) will connect Rock Point to the bike path at the northernmost point of the Rock Point property. No bikes are allowed on the trails of Rock Point, but a bike pad for 10 bicycles will be located adjacent to the path so that bikers can safely leave their bikes to walk on Rock Point. Stone steps will lead up the steep slope to the Holy Trinity Trail.

Kiosks with maps and signs and rules are placed at all public entry points: the front gate; the diocesan office parking lot; North Beach; the Parade Ground; and the Bike Path entrance. Soon way-finding signs on 4” by 4” posts will be found at key intersections to guide walkers on the network of public paths and away from private property. Signage for the CRAGVT Climbing program will be added as part of our guided public access. Signs will also guide visitors away from private residences and from the Rock Point Center which will be reserved for guests of the Center.



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