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Spotlight on Homeward Bound Collective

"The Homeward Bound Collective is a group of friends that grows food and flowers at the Rock Point South community garden space. Over the last six years, we have improved the soil there and made much progress toward pushing out perennial weeds like thistles. In 2020, we gave over 100 pounds of vegetables and herbs to Food Not Bombs Burlington and, while we wouldn't feel great about expressing these gifts' value in dollars, it's worth noting that much of it was high-value, lightweight crops such as basil, kale, dill, cilantro, scallions, and celery. We also built a beautiful deer fence from timber harvested sustainably from Rock Point's forests. This year, we will likely contribute more; we have expanded our beds and gotten seeds and starts in the ground early!"

Submitted by Sam Bliss, Homeward Bound Collective.



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