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Partnership Campaign Update - Spring 2018

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

The Partnership Campaign for Rock Point is getting closer to the $1.7 million goal. Thanks to over 130 donors, gifts are arriving in a timely way, allowing for the leadership, planning, and

improvements that will fulfill the vision of Rock Point as a welcoming sanctuary in the heart of Burlington. It is exciting to see the contributions making a difference as about $1.3 million is already going to work at Rock Point.

Currently, Rock Point has the leadership of The Rev. Craig Smith as Director of Operations and Programs and David McKay as Director of Finance and Operations. Thanks to a grant from the Windham Foundation, The Rev. Jackie Arbuckle is creating a Trail Stewards Program to educate the public, which will support guided access as the trails are improved and become more publicized and used. As part of planning for a sustainable future, Partnership Campaign funds supported a branding exercise and logo design and a study of Rock Point's capacity to welcome the public, including business plans for the Camp and Conference Center. The design work will inform the entryway, signage, and information kiosks.

Funds are completing the purchase of the solar orchard, installed over five years ago, to provide all the electricity, and more, for Rock Point. Were you to visit this snowy March, you would see new roofs on the Camp cabins and other upgrades to prepare for the summer sessions. The Conference Center has a new standing seam roof - the first replacement in 40 years. It will soon benefit from new furniture for the public spaces, new kitchen equipment, and a better parking area.

Trail work on the most used and eroded part of the trail system to and around Eagle Bay will start this spring, with work conducted by Timber and Stone, well-known trail planners and builders. This effort is supported by the Campaign and a grant from the State's Recreational Trails Program. As other funds are raised, trail work will continue on Holy Trinity Trail and around the perimeter of the peninsula.

Like any campaign, as we examined the needs of Rock Point, we discovered more information that then altered our plans. For example, although we originally expected to renovate the farmhouse that serves as the property manager's home, we found it was too complex and expensive a process, and now are building a new house for the property manager and his family. Making improvements to the Camp has prompted fruitful discussions about the need for an expanded campus within Rock Point, which would be beyond the capacity of the current campaign.

However, even with some inevitable changes, the broad vision for Rock Point - conserving its rich natural resources, providing leadership and stewardship, improving trails and facilities, and keeping the capacity to generate alternative energy - is being carried out, thanks to all the committed donors who see Rock Point as a treasure for this region and for the State.



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