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Support Rock Point Camp: Turn Your Dollars into Gifts of Deep and Lasting Gratitude!

Dear Friends of Rock Point Camp:

Rock Point Camp has provided experiences of community, connection and communion for eighty-seven years.

For many, Rock Point Camp is synonymous with holy fun, acceptance, transformation, belonging and wonder. These are gifts of deep and lasting value.

I am writing to ask for your financial support of Rock Point Camp. Some of you have been supporting the Rock Point Camp Scholarship Fund, known as the Angel Scholarship Fund, over the years. Others of you have given Rock Point Camp gifts annually through the Alleluiafund. And some of you have helped renovate the cabins, conference center and trails through gifts to our recent Partnership Campaign. Thanks for all this support that has helped us welcome campers, make needed repairs and enhance programs.

Rock Point Camp has evolved in response to all kinds of changes over the years.

  • We have added day camps.

  • We have provided international counselors.

  • We recently increased the Camp Director role to a half-time job, and former Camp Director Sherry Osborn’s leadership resulted in a growth in registrations and a strong focus on creation care.

  • A partnership with the Cathedral Church of St. Paul has made it possible for us to sponsor many children from the Sudanese community starting in 2018.

  • Finally, we have begun a new

Counselors-In-Training (CIT) program this year in the hope that we can foster a new generation of counselors and strong leaders in our community.

This year Julie Garwood was called as the new director.

Our registrations already have surpassed 2018 and are headed toward a goal of 50% growth since 2013. About half of campers come from Episcopal churches. A key part of that growth and accessibility is having scholarships to defray the costs of coming to camp.

Features & Headlines

Our aim remains the same: to provide an experience of community, connection and communion. Rock Point’s Vision is: “To be a welcoming sanctuary of spirituality, creativity, community, education, training, and environmental stewardship.” And life at Rock Point Camp can be summed up in our motto: “Caring for Creation, Neighbor, Self...and Having Fun!”

Our mission statement for Rock Point Camp and Center is: “To inspire journeys toward wholeness of self, community, and the natural world.”

Respect the dignity of each human being. Encourage and nurture individual reflection, kindness, curiosity, solitude, spiritual exploration, and clarification of values;

Respect the dignity of all human beings. Strengthen individual and collective capacities for community-building, service, and meaningful person-to-person connections;

Respect the dignity of all creation. Expand awareness, sense of wonder and practices related to interdependence with, and responsible stewardship for, the natural world from a loving and just perspective.

Please support us as you can with a gift to our scholar- ship fund. Make checks payable to “Rock Point Camp” and send them to Rock Point Camp, 20 Rock Point Road, Burlington, VT 05401. And please do one or more of the following:

  1. Like the Rock Point Camp Alumni & Friends Facebook page to stay connected with our online community.

  2. Sign up to receive our quarterly Rock Point Partners & Friends newsletter.

  3. Call me at (802) 863-3431 to arrange a planned gift to endow Rock Point Camp well into the future.

  4. Visit our website to find volunteer opportunities at Rock Point Camp or on the Rock Point Property.

With gratitude to God for the many whose lives have been touched and changed through Rock Point and in thanks- giving for your support of this holy place.


Craig F. Smith

Rock Point Director of Operations and Programs on behalf of the Rock Point Board



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