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A Great Camp Demands a Great Staff!

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

by Sherry Osborn

Building Unity, Community, Connection - Rock Point Camp 2018 Staff Training Begins

Skills are easy to teach. Rock Point Camp hires staff who have heart. We invite young people ages 18-23 whose eyes twinkle as they remember a time they mentored a child through a tough time or simply shared a silly song together. We welcome staff who yearn to make a difference, who desire to create connection and community.

Through a variety of activities, challenges and games, "training" guides a group of strangers to establish a common language of respect, dignity, curiosity and playfulness. Strangers become neighbors, colleagues and friends. Roz, Mason, Roisin, Rachel, Laura, Ryan, Alice, Joe, Dan and Jaden come from three states and four countries (Ireland, South Africa, Spain, United States).

In addition to in-house training, Jess Ruben of and led an outdoor day of nature and spirit.

Ita Meno of focused on recognizing bias as well as Honoring Our Relationships: Building a Safer Church Community.

A deeply inspired and mature staff is emerging! When asked what it takes to be a great that loves, knows and values our campers and one another...their answers: courage, daring, vulnerability, humor, trust... and Unity, Community, Connection are born!



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