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Keeping High School Students "On Top" at Rock Point

A whirlwind of challenging circumstances can often lead to creative solutions. Such is the case with Rock Point's new partnership with Burlington High School's "On Top" Program. It was PCB concentrations found at the high school that left the On Top program without a location; and it was COVID that left Rock Point without any customers.

The result? A mutually beneficial partnership in which Rock Point is providing space for On Top students, faculty, and staff to continue doing their important work.

On Top is an alternative high school program typically hosted at the high school for students who benefit from extra support. The program helps students to "overcome behavioral and social obstacles, and reach their personal potential academically and socially within school, the work force and in the community."

On Top's program design requires space for the students to gather both individually and in small groups, plus space for counselors to work one-on-one with students on a regular basis. By transforming large lodging spaces and meeting rooms into classrooms and smaller rooms into counseling spaces, Rock Point was able to offer On Top a combination of spaces that meet their educational needs.

Beyond the physical space indoors, On Top students are also benefiting from Rock Point's natural location. Students are able to take a walk in the woods or get a breath of fresh air with a view of the Lake - something that wasn't as easily accomplished at the high school. Activities like cider pressing can now be part of the curriculum as a way to engage students productively and create community. As a result, staff and faculty report that students seem to be finding peace and calm in new ways.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced so many organizations to function in new ways, and find ways of working together. Rock Point is no exception, and we are pleased to add On Top to the list of organizations with whom we have partnered during this challenging time. It is our honor to foster their program and be a part of improving the lives of young people in our community.

For more information on our partnerships during COVID, check out our article on partnerships with ANEW Place & The Howard Center.



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