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Rock Point Camp 2021 Cancellation Announcement

Rock Point Commons, in consultation with our Board and Bishop, has made the difficult decision to cancel our 2021 camp season. We know that this will come as a disappointment to our campers, alumnae, and Rock Point family, and share in your sadness over this news. We have not made this decision lightly and want to be transparent with our community regarding the reasoning.

Simply put, our organization continues to weather the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic. While we are encouraged by our state’s proactive response and the local community’s relatively low numbers, there remain many unknowns regarding this virus and its effects on our small camp program. A potential outbreak jeopardizes our ability to ensure the proper staffing required and may result in the displacement of our beloved campers. Our camp director, Julie Garwood, has also recently transitioned to a new role as our Marketing Coordinator, working behind the scenes on our social media and communication platforms. We are grateful for her continued contributions to our team as we look ahead to a new year.

Despite this setback, Rock Point continues to look ahead and consider alternative ways to serve our community this summer. Education and youth development remains an integral part of our mission and will guide us as we consider the next steps. Please stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more information.

Yours in Community,

The Rock Point Commons Team



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