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Sugarsnap Releases New Retreat Menu for Rock Point

If you've been to a catered event at Rock Point Center over the last few years, you've likely dined on the farm-fresh nutritious meals offered by our on-site caterer, Sugarsnap. As one of the most highly regarded business caterers in Chittenden County, Sugarsnap brings an unmatched level of expertise to working with our clients. Whether you are a small group of 15 looking for a simple lunch, or a wedding party of 80 looking for a unique spread, Sugarsnap meets client needs with grace and creativity.

This year, we are excited to share that our relationship with Sugarsnap continues to evolve! Rock Point is now one of their preferred event locations and Sugarsnap is regularly referring clients to us for a great experience. In fact, they even included Rock Point as one of Vermont's 5 Best Locations for holiday parties! Clients will now be working directly with Sugarsnap to plan their menus and pay catering invoices directly instead of being billed through Rock Point. This allows Sugarsnap to work more closely with clients on menus and dietary needs.

Catering Buffet Image
Attendees at a Rock Point Reception enjoy a beautiful spread provided by Sugarsnap.

Along with this change in operations comes a new sample retreat menu, which is now available on our website. This menu combines Sugarsnap's vast knowledge of meeting and event meal planning with the perspectives they have learned from us and our clients over the years. It aims to offer a number of readily available and affordable meal options as a starting place for our clients. While the menu is infinitely adaptable, especially for large events like weddings and receptions, it is also a very easy starting place for any group or meeting.

Groups can now download that menu right from the start - meal costs and options are no longer a mystery to be uncovered as you progress through event planning!

It is Rock Point's goal to work with vendors whose values align with ours. With Sugarsnap, we share a desire to provide high quality service and product, at an affordable price, through transparent interactions with our clients. Rock Point Center could not be more pleased with our partnership with Sugarsnap, and and we know that you will be pleased to work with them as well.



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