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A Day in the Life of One Rock Point Camper

In the spring, day camper April Truzansky expressed an interest in a leadership role this summer. Once at camp, she was invited to model for our younger campers the care for creation, neighbor, self and having fun.  April freely jumped in to assist with projects and transitions while still enjoying a ton of fun simply being a camper! What follows are memories from April.

Photos are from throughout the summer season.

Rock Point Camp - Day Camp 2017

By April Truzansky

I’m going to start by saying my name is April Truzansky; I live in Burlington VT. This summer has been my fourth year going to Rock Point Camp.  Here are some examples of what kind of stuff you do at Rock Point. In the morning, we start by either playing with Wee Blocks, drawing or playing activities outside. Once everyone is there we start our Morning Circle which usually involves a story or a poem then a song and question to think about for the day. Then we start our day.

Our activities regularly involve a hike or a craft activity. After that is Sit Spot.  That’s where we sit silently in some grass [by ourselves] in a [spot we each choose] for 10 minutes and use our five senses to focus on nature. [Surprise! it's actually up to twenty minutes! We then gather together for our Sacred Sharing Circle. Sit Spot and Sharing Circle are two of our core learning routines as we seek to instill a sense of sacred kinship with nature and one another].

Then we have lunch provided by chef Zach - very delicious! Then it is cabin time when the girls go into a cabin and the boys go to a different cabin. We get dressed into our bathing suits then read a book, rest or do a quiet activity. Once we put sunscreen on we walk either to Fred’s beach or Eagle Bay and go in the water to play for an hour.  After swimming, our afternoon activities can include arts and crafts, jumping in mud pits, paddle boarding, funyacking or going on hikes. After we have our Closing Circle we say bye and go home. It’s the end of the day.

Special things about Rock Point Camp are that the counselors are easy-going, listen to our ideas, and like to have fun. I feel peaceful. It’s a great way to get involved in nature and meeting new friends. I might want to be a counselor someday!


April Truzansky

*With brackets by Sherry Osborn, director



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