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Land Stewardship and Trails Update

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

2022 has been an exciting year for Land Use at Rock Point!

This spring, we brought on a part-time Land Stewardship Coordinator. He, with the help of many volunteers has been busy carrying out projects this season. Just a few weeks ago, we began the process of updating all our kiosks with brand-new signage. Check out the first one at our entrance from the bike path, and don't forget to use the QR code to get your annual trail pass!

We've also been working hard to maintain certain habitat diversity by restoring our meadows. This means lots of removal of invasive species, as well as some young trees that have started filling in. In the process, we uncovered some beautiful native shrubs and trees that were hiding. Take a walk down the Overthrust Trail to check out our progress!

We can always use extra hands taking care of the land here, so if you'd like to volunteer for projects or join our Trail Steward team, please reach out!



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