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Meet Our Volunteers

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

By Jackie Arbuckle

Rock Point Pollinator Docent Trish Denton

writes, produces, and directs stage productions. Trish has an innate sense of storytelling and loves folklore and fairy tales. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she moved to Vermont to pursue a Bachelor's degree at Goddard College. She went on to receive an advanced degree from Dartmouth in folklore and performance. With her freelance practice, In Tandem Arts, Trish works with museums, schools and cultural institutions to produce interdisciplinary projects with a pedagogical twist. Currently, Trish is researching mythology and lore related to bees, so being a pollinator docent is a joy!

Katharine Montstream is a landscape painter from Burlington, Vermont. She grew up painting in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut,

and then went to college to ski at the University of Colorado Boulder. After Katharine graduated, she moved east and found Burlington to be a great fit with the lake, Bernie Sanders as Mayor, and skiing nearby.

Being a founding Rock Point volunteer trail steward is "a dream come true," as her husband describes. Having long loved the woods, trails and being amongst the trees, a weekly commitment to Rock Point is a perfect match for Katharine. After her trail work, you might find her painting down at Canoe Landing with her Australian Shepherd, Taz.

You can see Katharine’s work at Montstream Studio, 129 St Paul Street, Burlington.



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