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Outright Vermont's Day Out at Rock Point

This past weekend, 8 youths and 8 caregivers from Outright Vermont visited Rock Point for a day of sun, sand, and spring weather! Youths from around the state gathered to enjoy swimming in Lake Champlain, blowing bubbles, playing hopscotch, and even partaking in some discgolf around the property. As David Glidden, Statewide Program Coordinator for Outright, shared, “Youth had a great time splashing and playing. We found a Garter Snake, and one of the parents who raises snakes showed youth how to be gentle with the snake and release it in the woods.” He also was grateful for an outdoor property with access to restrooms, an amenity hard to find in some outdoor venues.

We are grateful for their visit and can’t wait to welcome them back again! To learn more about Outright Vermont, a nonprofit organization whose mission is “building a Vermont where all LGBTQ+ youth have hope, equity, and power,” please visit them here.

And, to find out how to host your own outdoor adventure or get together, please feel free to contact us at We’re looking forward to serving you.

Photo courtesy of Outright Vermont.



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