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Rock Point Intentional Community Announces 2018 Eucharist Schedule

Rock Point Intentional Community 2018 Presider Rota

The Eucharist is celebrated monthly at Rock Point courtesy of the Rock Point Intentional Community. All are welcome. Services are typically held on the 2nd Friday* of each month at 12 noon (except in summer, see BOLD). Please worship with us at the Chapel of St. Michael & All Angels in the Bishop Booth Conference Center, 20 Rock Point Road, Burlington, VT 05408.

*except when Presider’s schedule requires otherwise

The 2018 schedule is as follows:

Friday, January 12th: Friday of Epiphany 1 {green } Presider: Rev, Craig Smith

Thursday, February 8th: Epiphany 5 {green} NOTE Change of Day Presider: Rev. Rob Spainhour

Friday, March 9th: Friday of Lent 3 {purple} Presider: Rev. Kim Hardy

Friday, April 13th: Friday of Easter 2 {white} Presider: Rev. Lisette Baxter

Friday, May 11th: Friday of Easter 6 {white} Presider: Rev. Rev. Kim Hardy

Friday, June 8th: Friday of Pentecost 2 {green} 6:00 pm Presider: Rev. David Hamilton

Friday, July 13th: Friday of Pentecost 7 {green} 6:00 pm Presider: Rev. Craig Smith

Friday, August 10th: Friday of Pentecost 11 {green} 6:00 pm Presider:  Rev. Nancy Bloomer

Friday, September 14h: Friday Holy Cross Day {red} Presider: Rev. Paul Habersang

Friday, October 12th: Friday of Pentecost 20 {green} Presider: Rev. Lisette Baxter

Friday, November 9th: Friday of Pentecost 24 {green} Presider: Rev. David Hamilton

Friday, December 14th:  Friday of Advent 2 {purple/blue} Presider:  Rt. Rev. Tom Ely



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