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Rock Point Participates in Research Study Combatting Pollution

"Something's in the air" and thanks to Arctic IT we’ll know just what that is pretty soon. Recently, Rock Point Commons began working with Lukas Kopacki, a UVM student majoring in forestry, to study the air quality on property. Kopacki installed an air sensor on our very own McLeod Cabin which will take climate readings throughout the year. Using this data, he and his colleagues will be able to learn more about Burlington’s air quality and, hopefully, combat pollution in and around the Greater Burlington area. We are thrilled to have a small role in this important work and are honored that Rock Point was chosen to be one of the sites in this environmental study. To learn more about Kopacki’s project, please read his short summary below:

“This next year, Arctic IT has set out to deploy six Breeze Technologies Internet of Things (IoT) air quality sensors across the Burlington metropolitan area, gauging localized air quality trends. These sensors, provided at no cost to the participants, measure temperature, relative humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, O3, NH3, and tVOC. In partnership with Rock Point Commons and Rock Point School, we intend to collect data that does not only help with understanding Burlington’s air quality, but also helps supplement education, research, and public knowledge of pollution in the Queen City. Additional partners include the Intervale Center, the Gund Institute for Environment, the George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Laboratory and UVM’s Jericho Research Forest.”



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