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Rock Point School Spring Updates

During sugaring season, Rock Point School students learned about the process of Maple sugaring.

Students helped collect sap, boiled and jarred syrup from the trees on the Rock Point property, and some volunteered as “Maple Ambassadors,” providing tours to preschool and elementary school children from neighboring schools. Even students from Burlington High School came over for a tour!

The tours ended with Rock Point syrup drizzled over ice cream, which made for lots of happy kids. We celebrated the end of the season on April 7th with our Annual Maple bRUNch - a 5k race through the sugar bush, followed by a Maple themed brunch.

Our next public event will be our annual student art show on May 4th from 5:30-7:00 at the Rose

Street Artists Gallery. Join us to see the beautiful artwork students have created during the year and enjoy snacks and music.



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