Rock Point's Annual Appeal

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Guests and visitors who come to Rock Point pass a welcoming hospitality station that describes this sacred place as a sanctuary in the heart of Burlington. While the word sanctuary is often affiliated with houses of worship, in its broadest sense, a sanctuary is also a place of refuge, safety, and an oasis of beauty. In 2020, Rock Point has become all of these things and more to many, many people.


As the coronavirus turned the world upside-down, we on Rock Point tried our best to support our neighbors in innovative ways. We opened our doors to community members in need. We donated space in our kitchen, so that neighbors could be provided with necessary meals. We repurposed our camp cabins so that Vermont families could experience respite in the midst of a very challenging time. Most recently, we have again opened our doors to high school students in need of in-person learning.


While it is true that 2020 has not turned out as we originally anticipated, the silver linings in this cloud of pandemic have been realized through the unexpected friendships and relationships that have touched all of us on Rock Point. 


 Over the course of the past several years, Rock Point has significantly invested in the improvement and stewardship of our entire property. In order to maintain Rock Point as an oasis of beauty and peace for generations to come, we need to continually invest in this beautiful place.


Please consider making a gift to Rock Point to help us continue serving as a sanctuary in the heart of Burlington.  Click for more ways to give to Rock Point.

Thank you for your generosity.

Paul Habersang

Executive Director

Rock Point Commons

Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions:


The Annual Fund will become a yearly campaign that assists in closing the gap in the Rock Point’s annual operating budget. Rock Point intentionally keeps fees low to allow for widespread use of our facilities by all. The fees that we do charge do not adequately cover all our expenses. The Annual Fund assists Rock Point in becoming self-supporting.



Annual Fund contributions are directed wherever the need is greatest. Traditionally, contributions are used to cover such things as building renovations, facilities and equipment upgrades, programming materials and camp scholarships. They also give the Rock Point the ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to respond to unanticipated needs and challenges. This is particularly true in 2020 as the Rock Point struggles with the economic effects of the Pandemic.



YES! The number of individuals contributing to the Annual Fund is just as important as the dollars we raise. The total number of individual contributions is a measure of support within our broader community. All gifts, regardless of amount, contribute to the Rock Point’s ability to provide hospitality to all who visit.



Reoccurring gifts are a great way to make an impact at Rock Point! Simply select the “Setup automated giving” button when you enter your payment information and choose the frequency and amount you’d like to give.

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