Rock Point's 2021 Annual Appeal

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Just as 2020 provided Rock Point Commons with unique opportunities to pivot and serve the community in uniquely new directions, so too has the year 2021 been another year of pivot, change, and renewal. Exciting new relationships have been forged with local organizations who also strive to make a positive difference in our community. Here is a brief snapshot of Rock Point’s youth and family 2021 partnering initiatives:

  • This past summer, the YMCA operated two summer day camps for dozens of Vermont kids right here on Rock Point’s lakeside property. It was wonderful to have camp children here on Rock Point once again!

  • Outright Vermont’s “Gender Creative Kids” group also enjoyed Rock Point’s outdoor playground by gathering at Rock Point Center and in Eagle Bay for a number of spring and summer Sunday afternoons.

  • Incoming freshman at the University of Vermont also joined us for a week of reflection and exploration, as they stayed in our recently renovated summer cabins, just prior to starting their academic year.

  • A new “Toddler Playgroup” was created by our own Julie Garwood, who brought children and families together to walk Rock Point’s trail system for outdoor exercise, fun, and fellowship.

  • And right now, we are exploring the development of new program opportunities for youth and families, by expanding Rock Point’s youth focus to include another new program for children called “Wonder Roots.” Beyond that, we are now also hosting a new “Dad’s Group” that provides a supportive network for Dad’s by gathering monthly for friendship and fellowship around the campfire at the Rock Point Cabins.

These are just a few of the examples in which Rock Point is now engaging our community in new and innovative ways. The pandemic has changed so much, and yet, so much good has come from the different ways we are currently engaging partners within our community. Now more than ever, we need your financial support to ensure that Rock Point will continue to stay vibrant as we grow into the future. Your contribution will help us to continue evolving through this time of growth and change, so that Rock Point will remain a vibrant sanctuary, serving youth and families for years to come. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for your kind generosity. We are grateful to have you as part of Rock Point’s extended family!

Please consider making a gift to Rock Point to help us continue serving as a sanctuary in the heart of Burlington.  Click for more ways to give to Rock Point.

Thank you for your generosity!

Paul Habersang

Executive Director

Rock Point Commons

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Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions:


The Annual Fund will become a yearly campaign that assists in closing the gap in the Rock Point’s annual operating budget. Rock Point intentionally keeps fees low to allow for widespread use of our facilities by all. The fees that we do charge do not adequately cover all our expenses. The Annual Fund assists Rock Point in becoming self-supporting.



Annual Fund contributions are directed wherever the need is greatest. Traditionally, contributions are used to cover such things as building renovations, facilities and equipment upgrades, programming materials and camp scholarships. They also give the Rock Point the ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities and to respond to unanticipated needs and challenges. This is particularly true in 2020 as the Rock Point struggles with the economic effects of the Pandemic.



YES! The number of individuals contributing to the Annual Fund is just as important as the dollars we raise. The total number of individual contributions is a measure of support within our broader community. All gifts, regardless of amount, contribute to the Rock Point’s ability to provide hospitality to all who visit.



Reoccurring gifts are a great way to make an impact at Rock Point! Simply select the “Setup automated giving” button when you enter your payment information and choose the frequency and amount you’d like to give.

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