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An Abundance of "Fruit" at Rock Point

by Craig Smith

Summertime is a time of fruitfulness where we taste and see many things that have been in development for a long time. We are now in that season at Rock Point.

The planning of, the asking for and the generous response to the Rock Point Partnership Campaign are yielding many fruits:

Timber and Stone completed work on the first part of our trails project at Eagle Bay. A new house for our property manager arrives at the end of July. Demolition of the maintenance garage, some do-it-yourself additions to the farmhouse, and a shed near the Bishop’s house are all completed.

In turn, a new maintenance structure will be erected this summer; welcome kiosks

with maps and trail rules are in place at property access points; and boundary lines for Rock Point Camp are now clearly marked. One bathroom at the Bishop Booth Conference Center (BBCC) has been remodeled and the sidewalks have been repaired. Additionally, training sessions for volunteer Trail Stewards and Pollinator Meadow Docents have introduced new energy and that work is making a difference for our stewardship. Details of these two programs are in separate article.

Other fruits are beginning to form. Priorities are set for work needed on the Bishop’s House. Analysis of what to do with the soon-to-be former Property Manager’s House nears completion, and the design for a new, more welcoming front entrance is in its last stages. The City of Burlington is considering different approaches to repair or replace the bridge which spans the bike path. Design for an interpretive sign for our kiosks is almost done. Recruitment is underway for Hospitality Hosts at the Bishop Booth Conference Center.

Still other fruits are in the pollination stage at the BBCC: planning an expansion of the parking area, making improvements to the glass wall in the dining room, replacing some furnishings, and making final touches to make the new roofs safe and functional.

Looking ahead, a fall event is being planned to evaluate progress and update the 2015 Land Use Plan. Also, as part of our vision to care for the property, we are developing steps to implement recommendations for increasing revenue from the Camp and the Bishop Booth Conference Center. Other very exciting news is that our second Wisdom School, November 1-4, 2018 is generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

On behalf of the Rock Point Board, I thank all who have contributed to this fruitfulness.



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