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And it's not even Kansas...

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

By David McKay

The new house for the Property Manager of Rock Point was lowered on to its foundation on Monday, September 10. The three-bedroom, two-bath modular house arrived at Rock Point in the form of two boxes.

Once they were settled onto the full basement the pitched roof was raised thereby weatherizing the living area. Work is proceeding on the interior and should be completed in the next few weeks.

When complete the house will also include a traditional Vermont porch for enjoying the warmer evenings overlooking the playing fields.

Shortly, a storage facility will be erected next to the new house. Called the “Hoop House,” it is where the tractor and other equipment for maintaining the property will be stowed.

Property Manager Chuck Courcy had been living in the “Farm House,” a small yellow house located nearer to the Rock Point Camp. The Property Manager's new house is adjacent to Rock Point School and the Headmaster's house.



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