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NEW! Rock Point Land Use Plan 2019-2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Rock Point’s first Land Use Plan was created in 2015 by a task force of five Rock Point Board members, and then began to involve other interested people. This February a group of around thirty partners and friends created its second, which will serve as a guide for the next four years.

The Rock Point Land Use Plan 2019-2022 has three Key Result Areas, each with three Indicators that we are moving in the direction of effectively achieving the vision for Rock Point: to be a welcoming sanctuary of spirituality, community, creativity, education, training and environmental stewardship. The desired results follow:

· People to People Relationships: strengthening outdoor events tied to the outdoor setting; a wide diversity of guests; an increase in first-time guests.

· People to Land Relationships: serving as an environmental practices laboratory; more retreats featuring the natural setting and more educational opportunities; connecting Rock Point with other green spaces in Burlington.

· Focus on the Land: sustainable use plan in place – a well-thought-out stewardship program which everyone understands; permanent intentional community in residence; a sustainability fund (endowment) of 1.5 million.

Over the next two months we’ll be recruiting and forming teams to work on the nine chosen indicators. An ideal team size will be at least three to no more than five people and each team will work on ONLY one indicator. Craig and/or Jackie will meet with each team the first time they gather, to help them set their benchmarks, and be sure they understand the task and how to approach it.

This is an invitation to join us – to be part of our future. Contact Craig Smith at or Jackie Arbuckle at to join a team or learn more. There will be a follow-up meeting on Wednesday, April 24th from 3-4:30 pm at The Rock Point Center for those who are interested in being part of this new plan. Please let us know if you’re coming!



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