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Rock Point Campaign Report

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

by Ellen Lovell

Over two years ago, Bishop Ely launched the Partnership Campaign for Rock Point: Building a Sustainable Future Together to support the beautiful land and natural resources of Rock Point, the 130 acres on Lake Champlain, which has been owned and stewarded by the Episcopal Church in Vermont since 1865. Together with the Diocese’s Trustees and Rock Point Board, he set an ambitious goal of $1.7 million to address urgent needs to improve Rock Point, upgrading the trails, Camp, Conference Center and Bishop’s House; improving public access; assuring future leadership of this precious property; and purchasing the solar array that provides all its power.

The Partnership Campaign, with the guidance of a volunteer advisory committee, invited both Episcopalians and community members to sustain Rock Point as a precious asset for the Diocese and the wider public, including the citizens of Burlington and beyond. The outreach also involved the 45 congregations of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, of which 43 have contributed, to date. Altogether, almost 200 donors – individuals, foundations, and congregations donated towards reaching the goal.

I am pleased to let you know that we are close to completing the campaign and are embarked on the projects that will preserve and improve Rock Point. Thanks to so many of you for making this campaign a success. You are invited to visit, to obtain a free pass to the property, enjoy the trails and time to reflect in this welcoming sanctuary in the heart of Burlington.



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