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Rock Point Partners and Friends News

By Jackie Arbuckle

Pollinator Meadow

A portion of the pollinator meadow is fenced and sown, the demonstration garden is planted, and the remaining meadow has been tilled and cover cropped. We are in the final stages of weeding, mulching, and watering before putting the garden to bed for the winter. Next spring the sowing of meadow flowers will take place, in the larger, unfenced area. Finally, after four years, the garden is bare bones complete.

By bare bones, I mean that we will continue to fill in areas, and finesse the plantings. We will add stumps and boards for seating. Maybe a water feature. Certainly habitat/housing for the pollinators we know will come. Much signage. We will continue to need volunteers to help weed and plant. But the shape of the garden is set. From a wild, unkempt place of opportunistic plants we have 2 ½ acres of planted and tended garden. We have tamed the wilderness under our solar trackers.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact Jackie Arbuckle at:

Conference Center Hosts

Our conference center needs hosts! Once or twice a month, for three to four hours at a stretch …

Hosts do a widely varying amount of work, much of it behind the scenes, although some of it not so much!.

· Assembling and distributing linen packs – if you’ve ever stayed at the conference center you know that waiting for you is a linen pack … a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase, plus a bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. Plus (now) a candy. Ever wonder where they came from?

· Guest books – adding the occasional page to these and helping keep them up to date.

· Collecting the used linen – collecting used tablecloths, fitted sheets, blankets, and flat sheets, sorting them and bagging them for the linen service or

· Washing them! We wash our own fitted sheets and tablecloths, plus dry and fold them.

· Watering plants, dusting the odd corner, eyeballing a room and tweaking things … lots of tweaking things.

· Making candy, wrapping it, and tasting it.

· Filling things – like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and emptying things like wastebaskets and recycling.

· Doing unusual and odd things like advising on and ordering blankets, or composters, or recovering chairs …

Provide us with an extra pair of hands to help us go the extra mile in hospitality!

For more information on how to become a Conference Center Host, contact Jackie Arbuckle at:



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