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Volunteer Program

Rock Point has eight volunteers in this first spring/summer of the new Volunteer Program – three will be Pollinator Docents and five will be Trail Stewards. During March and April they’re being trained in what Jackie Arbuckle, Volunteer Coordinator, is calling “Volunteering at Rock Point 101.

Jackie Arbuckle, Volunteer Extraordinaire

This orientation session covers a brief history of Rock Point, its structure and governance, an introduction to “Who’s Who (Rock Point’s managers and administrative leaders), a short tour, and a chance to get a feel for the entirety of Rock Point, beyond the particular part in which they’ll be working.

In the first half of May they’ll be trained in their specific areas of expertise:

• Trail Stewards by the Green Mountain Club in Waterbury to prepare them to monitor and help maintain our trails, and serve as ambassadors in helping guide the public in its use of them;

• Pollinator Docents by Jackie and Rock Point staff, and Mike Kiernan of Bee the Change Honey (our partner in creating Rock Point’s Pollinator Meadow and Demonstration Garden).

By the last part of May these volunteers will be serving at Rock Point in their official (and team-colored) T-shirts. In the next issue we’ll have pictures of these two new teams at work! If anyone has an interest in either volunteer opportunity, Jackie can still fit them in to the May training sessions – Trail Stewards on May 9th and 10th at Green Mountain Club in Waterbury, or Pollinator Docents on Saturdays to be announced at Rock Point. Contact her as soon as possible for information or 482-5367.



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