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Volunteer Update

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

By Jackie Arbuckle

Since our last issue, we have added our third volunteer team to Rock Point’s official corps of volunteers. Seven Conference Center (BBCC) Hosts in their distinctive burgundy T-shirts are contributing much needed help in making the Conference Center operate smoothly and peacefully.

What are they doing? Well, you might catch them welcoming guests if they happen to be working at the time most guests arrive! Or watering plants. Or putting some finishing touches on a room, like leaving the guest book on the desk, or a light on if it’s going to be dark soon. More often you might not even see them – because they’re upstairs in

Butterfield folding fitted sheets, or laundering some tablecloths. Or they’re assembling linen packs and setting them out on the beds in Van Dyck! Or delivering supplies to Kerr for a meeting in the Green Room.

They might be here for three hours every week, or two hours every other week – or something in between. But their being here is already making a difference to the staff, and they are greatly appreciated! We’d even like to have a few more … maybe three to five more, actually. Contact Jackie if you think you could contribute to Rock Point in this way.

Our Trail Stewards are still out on Rock Point’s trails, dismantling fire pits where we don’t allow them, picking up after the litterbugs, and helping our guest trail users find their way. And our Pollinator Docents are still learning, as well as preparing to take out the annuals from one of our raised nursery beds and plant milkweed seeds to overwinter as nature intends before (hopefully) sprouting next spring.

In this, our first year of an official and organized Rock Point Volunteer Program, we have a total of eighteen volunteers, who have donated 360 hours of their time!



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